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E-Commerce Fact: There are 2 billion online shoppers in 2020, which you can see on " Oberlo ". There are about 8 billion people in the world and only a quarter of them is online shoppers. Who do 70% of their shopping online a month.

This is good news for aspiring online businesses in this modern age. Because in this modern era, as the world is moving towards development, people also prefer online shopping to save their precious time. As you can see, Oberlo reported that last year, a quarter of the nearly 8 billion people shopped online.

Another important aspect is that people shop more at online e-commerce stores than at physical stores, and because of this, shoppers at e-commerce stores get discounts compared to physical stores.

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Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd is one of the world's best e-commerce solution providers that has developed over thirty e-commerce websites in the last year with clients from Pakistan, India, the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd not only gives you e-commerce website development, but Eagle Alliance Technology Team plays a role in running and developing your online e-commerce store.

Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd is the only e-commerce solution provider that gives you complete training right from the start on how to manage your online e-commerce business. Our experienced e-commerce website developers will guide you through videos on managing your store.

Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd is also introducing a basic SEO package for your e-commerce business development which also becomes a source of success for your online e-commerce business.

Easy to Manage & User-Friendly Navigation

Did you know that a well-designed mobile responsive, and user-friendly e-commerce website increases the number of visitors to your online e-commerce store? Because if your e-commerce website is not user-friendly, then your visitors will not like to come back to your website, due to which you will lose a large number of visitors.

We, Eagle Alliance Technology, are the best e-commerce website service provider.

So far, we have advised more than ten entrepreneurs to open online stores and designed e-commerce stores for them. Due to this, their income increased 40 times from before. And now, they also have online customers who love to buy items from them on a regular basis. Of course, having a great and beautiful e-commerce website is very important in today's modern era to succeed in business.

Suppose your website doesn't look attractive. In that case, your users or visitors will stop visiting your website if they don't find the content according to their desire and if there is random content or information for visitors or users. It can be challenging for them to find.

If you are also looking for an e-commerce website developer for your business and want to increase traffic to your e-commerce store, then we have the best strategy. Because Eagle Alliance Technology is the only company that gives you technical SEO with a customized design that not only increases traffic to your website but also makes visitors love to stay on your e-commerce website because the Eagle Alliance Technology team designs a very attractive and mobile responsive store because when you present the content to the visitors in a good way that they are looking for, the visitors will like to stop on your e-commerce store. And get the product or information that they want.

If you are still thinking about whether to develop an e-commerce store or not, get rid of this illusion and consult our Eagle Alliance technology team now and book your order because if you delay now, tomorrow your time to succeed will be less. The coming era will be more modern, and the earlier you start the work, the sooner you will follow the online market.

Ecommerce Website Development

If You Are Running Your Own Business And looking for an E-Commerce Developer. Then You Must Read This Article

The working style of Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd Company is different from all other companies. And if you want to get a professional and effective e-commerce website design for your business, then you must consider Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Business Analysis

We carefully assess your business needs and evaluate your current stature and brand objectives. Keeping the analysis in mind, we make recommendations to help your e-commerce business grow.


Design and Development

Our highly skilled team ensures that your e-commerce website system is designed in such a way that your web visitors can check out quickly without any hassles.


We make your brand stand out

We make your website a professional and effective web design and search engine-friendly website, And we implement all kinds of essential factors that help your brand to index and top in search engines.


Less complicated for visitors

Our highly skilled team creates customized e-commerce stores for you, providing the best experience to visitors so that they can easily find the information they need and approach you seamlessly when purchasing items.


Payment Gateways

Whatever payment gateways you want to use in your e-commerce website, we will add the same payment gateways for you because we have worked with almost all major payment gateways.


Security Features

It is very important for an online e-commerce website to have security protocols in place to give your customers and you peace of mind that your system is completely secure. We make sure your website is 100% secure with the latest security protocols.


User Tracking System

The talented team at Eagle Alliance Technology lets you configure a plugin that allows you to track visitors to your e-commerce website, meaning you can keep track of the visitors to your website. This plugin which we will use makes it easy for you to generate leads, and you can live chat with your visitors via smartphone to convince them to buy the product.


Search Engine Optimization

We try to provide free SEO optimization service to all the clients who get e-commerce website design from us, which is very important for getting a new e-commerce website on search engines. Our skilled team provides you with free technical SEO service initially so that you can strengthen your foothold in the online market.


Support and Training

Eagle Alliance Technology's competent team not only designs your e-commerce website but also supports you 24/7 and also trains you to manage your e-commerce inventory, sales, customer handling, updates, and upgrades. How to manage invoices through the system we will build for you. We also train them on how to manage their e-commerce business after us.

Compatibility & Compliance

Our skilled team ensures that your e-commerce website works perfectly on all browsers.

Best CMS Platform

We choose the best CMS platform for your online business so that your e-commerce website is developed in the best way that is cost-effective and easy for you to use.

what CMS Platform we recommend to our clients

We tell most clients to choose WordPress because WordPress is the best and easiest CMS platform where you can easily design your store and manage it seamlessly. WordPress is the most useful of all platforms because you don't have to pay monthly fees compared to Shopify. You can buy hosting at a lower rate than any hosting plan and use WordPress CMS for your online e-commerce website. Still, for Shopify, you have to pay substantial monthly fees, which can be disadvantageous for a beginner business person. Word Wallet reduces your expenses by 80% compared to Shopify. We endeavor to give our clients the best advice so they can get good service for less money.

Why is Eagle Alliance Technology better than other companies for your e-commerce website?

Eagle Alliance Technology has proven over the past two years that we can do it all and provide our clients with key strategies that lead to the growth of their websites. And it leads to an increase in their income. We have helped 1000+ clients worldwide and designed more than 20 e-commerce websites.

Eagle Alliance Technology's competent team not only designs your e-commerce website but also supports you 24/7 and also trains you to manage your e-commerce inventory, sales, customer handling, updates, and upgrades. How to manage invoices through the system we will build for you. We also train them on how to manage their e-commerce business after us.

Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd has a reliable and excellent developer to provide this service to you.

Are you still selling your product to a limited area? Do you want to sell your products worldwide?

In today's modern age, if you are selling your products to a limited area, it will be less profitable for you than those who are selling their products worldwide. We will guide you in taking your business to the next level using the latest technology.

Eagle Alliance Technology has a professional website development team to help you create an e-commerce website, social media profile, SEO optimization, lead generation, and sell and promote your products worldwide. Support you. We, Eagle Alliance Technology Company, help you to sell your products without any limited area. We strive to provide the best strategy for improving our client's business and, by implementing it plays a vital role in the growth of the client's business.

Are you ready to start E-Commerce Business ?

If you want your E-Commerce website to have a modern and responsive design, Don't worry; get this service from our company today Because Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd has a reliable and expert developer to provide this service.

Beautiful Website Design Portfolio

Check out our team's previous work. We have created excellent and attractive designs for more than twenty different companies. Get the idea of our work and consult the website experts at Eagle Alliance Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Did You Know?

94% of visitors stopped trusting websites with degraded web design.

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About 60% of visitors or customers do not want to recommend doing business with a company because their website is not mobile responsive.

If your website is not fully optimized or the website is not well designed based on your products and services, then your clients will not like to use your services, And there comes a time when you lose 60% of your customers. Thus, you will start losing potential sales and customers. So make sure your website is optimized and professional mobile responsive so that your customers or visitors can better understand your services and avail your services.

An excellent and professional mobile responsive website is essential for visitors to gather information about your Company or Brand and all your services. Because the service packages help customers become aware of your services or offerings and make a better decision in getting the services. Your website's presence at the top of the search engine creates confidence in the minds of users or visitors. Contact us if you want to increase your business and brand recognition through your website. Consult our professional website developer for your brand.

We provide all kinds of services

If you aim to increase your income with more website traffic, Eagle Alliance Technology's expert developers and designers are ready to create all kinds of websites for you. Eagle Alliance Technology's professional developers use WordPress and Shopify to develop a business website and an e-commerce website professionally, which increases both your brand recognition and your revenue. Our software company is one of the best software companies in Pakistan that provides web development services and complete customer support. Moreover, it plays an essential role in growing your business by solving all your problems.

We are offering exclusive services of custom website design and development

Frequently Asked Questions

As every client or customer have different demands, So giving you accurate answer is not possible, However the custom website design starts from 250$ to 700$. However, We also have website design packages where you can get most ideal solution for your website.

As every client or customer have different demands, So giving you accurate answer is not possible, However the custom website design starts from 250$ to 700$. However, We also have website design packages where you can get most ideal solution for your website.

Our standard time of delivery of custom website is 15 to 20 working days, However! We can be more specific when you consult your requirements.

Dont worry! That is why we exist to answer your doubts and questions. Alliance Technology consultants knows how to help our clients and fulfill their business demands.

Yes! We will help you to getting a new domain and suitable hosting plan for your website.

The process involves technical aspects and in-depth research about a particular product & industry. A perfect website design will be done by an elite group of web designers and then the coding part comes which will be taken care of by Programmers and Developers.

E-Commerce Websites take around 30 days to create. This time will differ from project to project. And depending on Product how much products do you want to include.

Everything that we assemble will be 100% owned by you.

We develop the majority of our websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) stage called WordPress.

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Eagle Alliance Technology Known As Multifunction Company As We Are Providing Various Services To Our Clients. Eagle Alliance Technology Have More Dedicated And Professional Staff Handling All Requirements Of Our Clients In The Most Professional Way.

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